Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hope Anew Child Friendly Space

From June of this year until this present day, there has been a whirlwind of events that have overwhelmed us as we witnessed the provision of the Lord in our ministry.   If you may recall, we had being trying to raise $30,000 dollars beginning in April to buy a collection of shacks, tear them down and rebuild them in order to have a children’s center in the slum. However, our fundraising efforts yielded only about $3,000, but unbeknownst to us, God had already gone ahead of us and answered our prayers in a most remarkable way!

 He did not provide the $30,000, but He did even better; He provided a completely stocked children center!  This included buildings, play equipment, office and classroom supplies such as a desktop computer, printer, tables, chairs, desks, tables, etc.! And more importantly, an abundance of children who regularly patronize the facility! In each of the months of July and August alone, over 1000 children accessed the center.
The Irish based agency that had been operating the space, GOAL Kenya, was looking for a local organization to take over their Child Friendly Space and God orchestrated the whole undertaking to work in our favor. I have heard of such miraculous provision happening to other people or ministries, but I never thought I would live to actually witness this happen to us! Oh what joy and gratitude fills our hearts!
The Lord used this agency as a channel to bring great blessing upon Hope Anew Ministries as we seek to evangelize and disciple children.  We will be calling the center Hope Anew Child Friendly Space (HACFS).  GOAL Kenya asked us to keep the “Child Friendly Space” in the name so that it can be very clear to the community that the center is designated for children to have their very own space and we agreed.

Hope Anew Staff from left:  The Kamaus, Christopher, Kelvin, and Edwin

 We now have three staff members, one is a security guard for the daytime and the other two are activity coordinators. God has worked another miracle in that GOAL Kenya has agreed to pay the utilities and pay the salaries of the night guards until the end of December.  In January however, we will need to hire a lady activity coordinator, a teacher’s assistant and engage the services of a security company to provide two guards at night.
We are confident that the Lord will meet the needs that have come about as a result of this great blessing, like the children of Israel, He did not bring us into the land in order to abandon us.  He knows the plans he has for His work in Murkuru Kayaba and it is to give the children that live there a future not plans for harm. 

On behalf of the children who are not able to speak for themselves, we are sharing this information with you so that you can share in our rejoicing and hoping that God will move in your hearts to begin partnering with us if you have not already begun to do so. Any amount given is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in reaching the many children who frequent the center.  If you would like to know what the ministry needs are and how to give, please contact us through our email: kamaufamily77@yahoo.com or hopeanewkenya@yahoo.com

 Praise & Prayer
  •  Praise for answered prayer regarding God’s provision of Hope Anew Child Friendly Space.
  •  Praise for the provision of staff that are professing believers and work well with children.                         
  •  P lease pray for continued unity among us as staff and board members of Hope Anew.
  •   Pray for God to provide a godly young woman to be an addition to our staff as another activity coordinator.
  •  Pray fervently for the children that attend HACFS and that their hearts would be prepared to receive God’s Word.  Pray that many will come to know Him.
  •  Pray for wisdom in which activities to implement in the next few months, effective scheduling and resources to carry them out.
  •  Pray for godly volunteers from local and international churches to get involved with our ministry.

Blessings upon you….The Kamaus

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