Thursday, May 9, 2013


(The slum contains a rich mix of different tribal groups within  Kenya

s we walked through the gate carrying our various bags and backpacks containing our teaching items for Hope Club, our eyes scanned the only playground area within Mukuru Kayaba slum and saw dozens and dozens of children engaged in numerous scenes of play.
Some of the children turned to look at us and a spark of recognition lit up their eyes as they saw us walking towards them.  Many of them ran up to us and began speaking in Swahili; their hands were extended in order to shake ours and they were smiling broadly. 
Kamau asked if they had attended Hope Club the previous week and they answered yes.  Soon their friends became curious as to who we were and what we were doing there and came over to join us.  Before long there was a whole crowd of children listening eagerly as Kamau was telling them about what we would be doing that day. Their faces reflected openness and eagerness to hear what we were sharing with them. In my mind I was reminded of two things.   The truth of what Jesus said, “The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few,” and the multitude of people that Jesus fed using the meager lunch of a child which consisted of two fish and five loaves of bread.  I prayed within myself, “Lord, look at all these children; it is just Kamau and I!  How will we keep so many children occupied for the next two hours?  Jesus, please help us and multiply our efforts just as you did when you fed over 5000 people at one time.  Please send laborers into the field.”

(This new club hosted 80 children the first week and 93 the second week!)
This is now the third location where we are hosting clubs and sometimes, children from our other two locations converge there as well. When this happens, we end up with many children, and it causes us to lean on the Lord even more to help us hold it all together. Gjod did send us help that day in the form of one of our board members who often helps with interpretation while Kamau handles discipline issues.

e wanted to share our joy at the wonderful opportunities that the Lord has given us in opening this new door to reach many children!  An agency within the Mukuru slum has granted us permission to host the Hope clubs at their facilities; it has a wonderful play area where kids come to swing, slide or run around pushing tires. It is a magnet that draws them there as it is a hang out place for them.
There is a possibility that we will be allowed to implement more outreach activities for the children so pray that the Lord will direct us.  

(The next series of photos are from the first Hope Clubs that began in November of last year.)

Praises & Prayer

(Standing on the land that God provided for Hope Anew Ministries)

  •          The other exciting news is that the Lord has blessed Hope Anew with four acres of land in a beautiful area surrounded by hills and valleys!  When we went to view the land, we even saw some giraffes, zebras and gazelles frolicking around.   We are thinking this will make a wonderful camp site for our kids during school break.  Many of the kids born and raised in a slum do not get to go out much to see their beautiful homeland. It is unfortunate that all they see and smell is the trash and the open sewer all over the slum.  We hope to be able to take them out for a time of fun, fellowship and discipleship during school break.

(Beautiful hills surround the property)

(Scenic view of  The Great Rift Valley)

  •          Another praise report is that a church in Houston has generously provided Hope Anew with 400 pairs of shoes! This will be given out to children in dire need in the slum!  The shoes and other items such as clothing etc are presently being packed in a forty foot container in Maryland.
  •          We are grateful for donations that have come in for the Hope Anew Children’s Center.  Currently, we are at $2070 towards our short-term goal of $5000 by the 1st of July.  Our total goal for the center is $30,000.
  •          We are in need of godly helpers, especially Swahili speakers.  Those speaking only English are of course welcome as well.  Please pray that God will send them.

  •          Please pray for our good health.   If either one of us becomes ill, the Hope Clubs come to a halt.  We have seen how vulnerable we are in that regard.

May you be filled with joy and gladness!

The Kamaus