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1. To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; hearten. 2. To give support to; 3. To stimulate; spur.

The months of February and March have been filled with various manifestations of encouragement that we would like to share with you. Let’s begin with the flood of emails that we received from children in a Christian school located in the US who are in grades K-2. From the keyboards of these youngsters came scores of prayers offered, messages of cheerful goodwill and numerous questions. Here are just a few, presented just as the children wrote them:

dear kimberly family
i hope you are having a good time you sound like a nice fanily too me .make shore you keep your fath in god. he is a mitty god and he will never let you down..i have alwas  wonderd what it is like there
love in crist  Madison
            *************************************** name is lexi.
thank you soo much for doing this mission group for these orphans. that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just wanted to it cold there? do you have cars or bikes or nothing?
one more question....can you PLEASE send me a pet Zebera?
please write back.  lexi

 dear Kamau family,
I hope you are doing well.
If any of the any of the children are sick,
tell them I'm praying for them.
I wish I could come see you and the children.
Also tell them god loves them big.

  ps Tipe back


dear kamau family my name is jonah i hope you are having a great time thank you for all that you have done and please send me a pet cheetah and i will send you a present plus i will send you more clothes
i will pray for you

love jonah


dear come out family

I am praying you and family and friends.
I hope you keep runing this program.
keep doing what you are doing.
I hope you save a lot of peoples lives.
writeback to me if you have almosst gotten in an anmale fight.
 could you send me a picture of a snake you have seen in life or on the conputer 

from casey

Dear,Kamau family
hello this is MacKenzie 
i wiil be praying for you .lifting all of
the children up to learn about the wonderful 
Lord,God bless you I thank you sooooooo 
much for going to Kenya and starting a 
orphange  god wiil always love you
love ,MacKenzie

(Also from MacKenzie)

 This is mackenzie,
how is it there i hope you are having a great
time teaching the kids about the word of the lord.
do you like having kids and teaching them obout the lord ,i mean i was just wondiring .so do all of the kids love learning about the lord . and keep up all of that good
work . and thanks for timing me back. three more questions
i promise thats it ok here they are
do you have a ocean there.
can you try to seed me some pictures of the kide learning
about God .
Last one what is your favorite food to eat there.
Dear Kamau Family,
                       Hi, my name is Kaelyn. You seem like a very nice person. I would love to meet you! You are a very inspiring to me. How are the kids in the orphanage? What is it like in Kenya? What kind of animals are there in Kenya? I bet it's really fun to help little kids. I love little kids!  How are you doing? Bad good or great?!
I'm doing awsome! I wish I could help out somehow.  It would be very fun! 

Your friend,


dear kamau
Thank you for what you are doingWITH THE CHILDREN you are makeing them smile. thank you !

i was bron in africa  in yuo-gon-da in an orfinage its so nice how pepole like you take the time to care for
other pepole. bye!)

As you can imagine, reading and responding to these messages was a delightful experience and we felt as if God Himself was cheering us on through these children.
We were also encouraged by the visitors that came to stay in our home for a time or spend the afternoon with us. These were friends from Ireland, Zambia and the United States. Next week, we’ll be hosting a friend from Australia. We are grateful to be able to extend hospitality and we enjoy getting to know our friends better.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."  Proverbs 31:8 
During the early part of March we initiated an appeal through to actively raise funds for Hope Anew Children’s Center It is our desire to establish a children's center where children can receive a warm welcome as they come for wholesome activities such as Bible clubs, games and arts & crafts.  Workshops to instruct children on a fun and interesting level about hygiene and disease preventative measures will also be provided as well as tutoring in school subjects.
We are in need of a total of $30,000 which will enable us to acquire space within the slum and build Hope Anew Children's Center.  We are asking for three things on behalf of these children who are not able to speak for themselves:
  • ·         Pray for this project, as it is vitally important to seek God's counsel and provision.
  • ·         Donate funds, whatever you are able to give is okay, and tell others about our effort.

Between now and the 1st of July we have a short-term goal of raising $5000 towards the total goal. 
If you would like to donate funds towards the establishment of the center or if you know of others who would be interested, here is the giving information:
Go Ye Fellowship, which  is our mission sending agency, is handling the collection of donations and the fund that is set up for this purpose is called "Kenya-Hope Anew Project; the account number is 190004.  When you click on this link it will take you to the "Giving Page," click on "Projects" in the pull down screen and then under "Choose a subcategory", click on our project. You will be issued a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.  Thank you so very much on behalf of the children of Mukuru Kayaba slum.

Praises & Prayer
  • ·         Thank you everyone for your prayers for the peaceful elections that were held this month.  The results are being contested however, by one of the parties that lost.  Please pray for continued peace and stability as the case goes through the courts.
  • ·          Praise to the Lord for a missionary family from Michigan, the Maisonvilles, who have been accepted by Go Ye Fellowship and will be joining us in our ministry.  Please pray for them as they make their preparations to depart and all that goes along with the move.  Pray that their prayer and financial support comes together very soon.

Wild Life Moments…from Kenya With Love

Two male lions who decided to go for a morning stroll and romp on a busy road in Nairobi during rush hour……

Robbed once again by a thuggish baboon, we were eating our lunch at a park when he swooped down and stole the bag of bread!

May you be filled with hope and gladness,
The Kamaus

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