Friday, May 25, 2012

The Power of God

"God is powerful, eh?”  Six-year old Joshua exclaimed as he looked up at me with a huge smile on his face.  Why did he say that?  Had God just caused a mighty windstorm to rise up before our eyes or cause mountains of rock to be torn loose and moved away?  Maybe it was the magnificent display of a lightning storm and the cracking boom of thunder followed by a double circle rainbow?  Is this what comes to your mind when you think of the power of God?  It may be that God’s awesome control over the environment often invokes these types of images of His power. We kind of expect Him to do those sorts of things. 
Joshua however was blown away by another facet of God’s power.  I had just given him a plastic ball as I was sorting through things in packing for our move.  He thanked me and was quiet for a moment as he looked at the ball.  It was at that time that he made that statement.  He then told me that he had been thinking to himself that he really wanted a ball very badly but he had not told anyone what he was thinking.  Now here he was holding a ball in his hands.  He had made the wonderful discovery that God had drawn so near to him that he even knew the most intimate thoughts and desires of his heart; this was most certainly cause for wonder and joy! 

Has this happened with you recently? I hope so, because when it does, it brings exhilarating refreshment to your soul and releases a trigger for your relationship with the Lord to burn more intensely and enter into a dynamic time of growth and maturity.  Kamau and I experienced this kind of power the other morning when we were praying about concerns and challenges on our hearts about our transition to Kenya.  How are we going to get our belongings to Dar es Salaam?  Should we sell the car or take it with us?  Will we have a house or apartment to live in once we get there or will we have to stay at a guest house for a time?  What about the location for the children’s center in the slum? Where will it be and how much will it cost? And what about the guy who is holding up issuance of the permanent certificate for our ministry in a government office because he wants a bribe?  Lord please set him straight and sort out all of the other stuff that is threatening to discourage us!  As we prayed about these things, we turned to our daily devotional reading that we have been enjoying and experienced this breathtaking aspect of God’s intimate power. 

Here is what the verse said that spoke directly to our hearts, “I will go before you, and make the crooked places straight:  I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron.”Isaiah 45:2   Wow!  This quickened our hearts and strengthened us so that we could be reminded that the Lord himself “will do the impossible and that the crooks and turns of human craft and satanic subtlety will be straightened for us”.* It is the Lord’s work we have been called to and we have boundless resources as his children.  Indeed, it caused us to agree with Joshua.  “God is powerful, eh!”

*Chequebook of the Bank of Faith, Charles Spurgeon

The coming weeks will be busy for us as July approaches.  Here are some ways that you can pray for us during this time:

May 21-27
U  Remember our fender bender we were involved in last month?  Well, we finally have the damage to our car repaired after being without it for two weeks.   However, when we picked it up from the shop, we have found that there is now a problem with the wiring and it is affecting the battery, lights, horn, etc.   Whenever we are able to get it back to Lusaka which is about an hour away, we will return it to the body shop to have them fix whatever went wrong when they were fixing it. Pray that God will give Kamau peace, wisdom and strength to do the necessary running around to sort out the car and its issues.

U  Kimberly and Malaika are experiencing some intestinal disturbances and discomfort.  Please pray for healing.

May 28-Jun 18
U  Kamau will be traveling within the US during this time period.  He will be making stops in the Midwest and East Coast in order to share the vision that God has given us concerning bringing His word and hope to children in impoverished communities such as the Mukuru Kayaba slum in Nairobi.  Pray for safety in travel and that God will communicate His message to His people through Kamau.  Pray that people will respond as God desires.

Jun 19- Jun 30
U  Kimberly and the children will be traveling to Ontario, California and will join Kamau there.  Our mission agency, Go Ye Fellowship (GYF), is having their 80th anniversary reunion and has encouraged all of their missionaries to attend. We did not think that we would be able to make it, but God provided the funds through various means including a partial travel scholarship which we received from GYF.  We are really looking forward to meeting other staff and missionaries from all over the world.  Please pray that we will arrive safely and enjoy the fellowship and encouragement from those attending and that we will be a blessing to them also.

July 1-4
U  We will all be traveling to Zambia.

July 5-22
U  During this time we will be making our final arrangements for our move to Kenya.  Our biggest concern during this time is the transport of our things.  Please be praying for God to show us His provision in all aspects of the move.   As this will be a costly undertaking, any donations to assist the expenses will be welcomed.

July 23-31
We will be traveling to Kenya some time during this period.  Pray for a safe, peaceful, orderly traveling time and arrival.  We will travel first to Dar es Salaam, Tanzaniza by train and then by bus to Nairobi.  
Thank you for taking this journey with us as you provide encouragement for us by your various expressions of support!

Grace & Peace,

The Kamaus

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